Quickbooks data into coda using API?

I will start by saying I don’t fully understand APIs, so please forgive this really basic question.

I currently have a coda doc that uses Quickbooks data which I currently zap into the table using Zapier.

For example, I have a table of Customers and a table of their iinvoices. I did an initial load using a report out of Quickbooks and then I have new customers and new invoices zapped over as they are created.

Could I (or really, could I pay someone) use QBO’s API and do the same without zapier? So when I create a new invoice in QBO, the data would come over with the API and be added as a new row in the table?

Thanks and thanks for the basic question. : )


Hi, Hope. Yes, you don’t really need to use Zapier (or any of the alternatives like IFTTT, Integromat, etc.) so do syncs like this. Under the hood, Zapier is using the QBO and Coda APIs and doing the hard work for you so you don’t have to write any code.

Our API Getting Started Guide has an example on syncing Google Calendar to Coda using Google Apps Script, if you wanted to use that as a reference.

Thanks so much! I will keep reading.

You can now do it without Zapier

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