Launched: QuickBooks Pack 🧾

Applications evolve, improve, they get easier and more pleasant to use, except for accounting apps…

It’s time to ease some of the pain!

I have been working closely with beta users since February in a QuickBooks Pack, a Pack that allows you to:

:one: Keep a watchful eye on expenses.
:two: View transactions like invoices, payments, bills and more.
:three: Create invoices, expenses and customers.
:four: View and send estimates, purchase orders and invoices.
:five: Categorize your expenses, bills and invoices.
:six: Easily track account balances.
:seven: View data from multiple companies in the same tables.
:eight: Manage your customers, vendors and more!

And now it is live in the Gallery for anyone to add to their docs and use :arrow_heading_down:

The Pack currently has 9 formulas, 17 buttons and 22 tables…, and I am sure it will keep growthing in functionality based on additional feedback and requests.

Special thanks to @Holly_Williams, @Irfan_Khan, @Hendrik_TnB, @Ryan_Redmond and @Hope_Lawrence for being part of the beta, trying, testing and providing amazing feedback during the journey.

Additional thanks to @Nick_HE! Even though we built Packs for the same service we have been collaborating and working together!

Expect more documentation, examples and templates in the coming months :raised_hands: