Launched: QuickBooks Online Invoicing Pack

Hi money people - I’ve got a version of my invoicing-focused QuickBooks Online Pack ready for action!


I’ve got a “beta” label on it right now, because I may decide to rename certain formula names etc down the road. But feel free to take it for a spin! (Right now it only syncs data in, so there’s no risk to accidentally changing something you didn’t intend to on the QuickBooks side).

The Pack:

The intro doc:

I’d love to hear your feedback, use cases, etc. so I can tailor the features to what people need.

This Pack is free and open source, but I intend to keep it generally focused around customers, invoicing, etc. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive premium solution that digs into all the nooks and crannies of QuickBooks, keep an eye out for what @Leandro_Zubrezki has been working on… :wink:

Happy accounting


Thanks for the mention @Nick_HE!

The version I am working on is trying to account for all major use cases, still in beta and doing the final round of polishing and testing.

We have been in contact with Nick to make sure both Packs have a similar schema and approach so it’s easier for everyone to move from one to the other and vice versa :slight_smile: