The QuickBooks Pack is live on Product Hunt! 🚀

Hi everyone!

Today is the turn of the QuickBooks Pack to see the light on Product Hunt, I want to spread the Coda fire :fire: to the Product Hunt community so more people know about Coda, Packs and everything that is possible to do in a Coda doc.

FYI: Product Hunt is a website to share and discover new products.

The QuickBooks Pack makes accounting fun again, connecting your invoices, expenses, bills and more as Coda tables and it also includes actions to create, update and remove transactions, with the Pack you can do:

Expense tracking :mag:
Transaction management (invoices, payments, bills) :credit_card:
Invoice, expense, and customer creation :hammer_and_wrench:
Estimate, purchase order, and invoice handling :incoming_envelope:
Expense, bill, and invoice categorization :card_index_dividers:
Account balance tracking :bank:
Multi-company data view :office:
Table-based reports :bar_chart:
Enhanced customer/vendor management :office_worker:

This launch is live now on PH and would love to get your support :heart:

We have 24 hours to make it into the Top 10, lets do it!