Quickbooks Online & Android SMS Pack?

Hi all, I can’t wait till the pack market is up and running. I’ve been playing around with pack studio beta and although I see all of its potential, my minimal java knowledge really limits the complexity of packs I can create within a reasonable time limit. So why do I say this? I need advice or examples (both would be best) from someone more knowledgeable than me with packs. Is anyone currently working on a QBO pack and or Android SMS pack? Moreover, is it even possible to create an Android SMS pack without knowing Android Studio? If anyone is tinkering with similar packs and would like an apprentice - please comment and I’ll send you my info.

Lastly, Although Coda provided some really good in depth examples of how to create certain packs, it lacks the complexity I need. Could anyone point me towards more advanced material to learn some of the coding concepts I need?


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I’m not familiar with the Android side of things, but I’m working on a QuickBooks Online pack, yep! What kinds of use cases would you be interested in for QBO?

I would be your first customer for a QBO pack! I just need company level information (name, address, email, phone, customer id) and then invoice information (number, date, amount, due date, status). Do you have an ETA for the pack??

Hi @Hope_Lawrence - that sounds like a great fit for what I’m building. It’s going to be at least a few months it sounds like, as in order to release it publicly, we need some adjustments to how Packs work with authentication on the back end. However if you’re interested in beta testing and helping to shape how it works, send me a direct message on here and I can get you set up with an early version sooner.

Hey there! So here’s a doc I put together as I have talked to 3 folks today about a QBO pack. I hope this is helpful! I would love to be a beta tester.



Ok great! This sounds super achievable.

To your point about the one-way sync, that’s indeed the default way that Packs work when syncing in data like this (the columns that have come in via the Pack are non-editable, just like what happens when you have a formula on a column).

To your question about multiple Packs with overlapping functionality, the different Packs will all just coexist. I agree it may get a bit confusing, but as far as I know there are no current plans to bless a certain version of a community-developed Pack as a recommended or semi-official one.

The other person I know of developing a QBO Pack is @Leandro_Zubrezki - I haven’t asked him yet how much of his plans he’s comfortable with me sharing at this stage, but our visions for our Packs are a bit different, with mine being relatively tightly focused on invoicing and customers (like your use case).

Will DM you!

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts around QBO @Hope_Lawrence, it will be super useful for makers developing a Pack!

@Nick_HE explained perfectly how Packs work and the same around multiple Packs connecting to the same service, it was something that was and will happen multiple times for sure. In our case we have different visions for the Pack, his being focused on a specific use case and mine will try to be a full integration with the service, but we will work together to make sure they can coexist in the gallery :slight_smile:

Super excited about all the new tools you will have available now with Packs!!!


Wow, this community is just so great. I am so grateful for each of you. Thanks for working on this. I am in QBO and coda every day, so please let me know if you have any questions at all. Here or hope@hudsonhenrybakingco.com.

Without going into detail - as I don’t want to share any information that I shouldn’t be sharing. Leandro has done a stellar job in making his QBO pack. Once he releases it to the public - all coda accountants will be forever indebted to him.

Your the man Leandro!!!

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My invoicing-focused Pack is live now:

Stay tuned for Leandro’s too, with all kinds of extra features included!

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And we are live!

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