Beta Testers Required

Hi All,

I’m creating a new coda pack that will allow user to sync personal and business bank account data to a coda table. This is done via the gocardless/nordigen api so is suited to user based in the EU.

I’m looking for a couple of people to beta test the pack over the next couple of week.

If anyone is interested, please leave a comment.



based in greece, eu.

Great - should be ready next week, I’ll reach with more details then. Thank you :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great project!
I use (tomorrow/ vivid = Solaris, and n26) based in Germany. Would also be up to test.

Interested if I can help for Australian banks but understand if not :slight_smile:

I’m interested! Swedish bank accounts.

Hi, yes of course. I’m based in France.

Definitely interested, not sure what the payment rails are like for UK banks accounts/if they’re interoperable.

Interested, French guy.

Definitely interested.

@Xyzor_Max @Quentin_Morel @Victor_MOREIRA @Matt_Diffey @Tommy_Lambert @Mikael_Jagelid

Hi All, great to see interest in this! We’re pretty much to go. I’d like to invite you all to submit some basic details via a coda from so I can track who is testing the pack, and to get some basic details around your country and banks etc.

Once you’ve submitted the form, I’ll share the pack with you and share some details on how to get started.

You can find the form here: Banktables Beta Tester Submission (

Also open to anyone else interested in testing.


perhaps i misunderstand…

what details will i need to share, and to whom ?

a proper banking solution will treat all such data very securely indeed.
users should NEVER need to shate credentials and account details with a developer or unsecured system.

the solution should use 2FA and keep all client identifying data encrypted in secure vaults that not even developers can access.

if i am misumderstanding the proposed process?


Interested, and great idea!

Hi @Xyzor_Max

Have you clicked the form link to see what I’m requesting? :slight_smile:

I’m not asking you to share anything other than your name, email address, country and the name of the bank you want to connect with so I can check it is on the list. Providing it is, I’ll then share the pack with you and provide a link to it, along with instructions on how to get it working, which are very easy to follow.

Everything is completely secure with 2 stages of 2FA in order to sync information with Coda, plus whatever security measures your bank requires. No data is saved on our back end other than key identifiers (uuid’s, not bank data) which is security saved and data is encrypted during transfer/syncing with coda. In addition, everything is backed up by GoCardless’s bank data API and all the security that come with it.

Do let me know if you have any questions, always happy to help. Of course security is key when dealing with sensitive data so I appreciate your questions.


Still looking some more more beta testers. So far testing has gone well with those who have signed up but I’d like some more tester from other countries if possible. Link to sign up here if interested: