Pack Launched: Banktables! 💹

I have just launch my Banktables pack! Banktables provides a way to sync your bank account data with your Coda docs. It utilises the GoCardless Bank Data API (previously Nordigen), suited to those of us in the UK and EU.

Feedback from beta testing as been very positive, here is what one of the testers had to say:

So check out the pack and let me know what you think!

Feature requests and bugs can be logged by clicking here.


Full details and instructions on how to use the pack here:

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hi @Wayne_Simpson1 ,
this must have been quite some work to set up.
so instead paying via coda, we pay you directly via stripe?
second, what is the price ?
thx, cheers, christiaan

Hi @Christiaan_Huizer

Yes it took quite sometime but I enjoyed making the pack and I am enjoying using it even more!

Re Stripe, yes this is correct, there is a 14 days trial via Stripe and then the pack cost £8 per month thereafter.


okay, that is 8 regardless the makers, right?

Hi, yes that is correct.

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Wonderful, the maker independent fee seems intelligent to me.

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