Import bank transactions into Coda?

Hi Coda,

Has anyone figured out a way to import bank and credit-card transactions into Coda automatically? I’d like to keep track of my budget in Coda without manually importing all of my transactions.

The best solution I can think of is to import bank and credit card transactions into a Google sheet with Tiller and then use Zapier or something to provision a Coda table from the Google sheet. I sure wish there was a more straightforward way of doing it, though.

Why not use Zapier / Integromat to get data from your bank (if it has an API) straight into Coda?

Also custom packs are soon to be a thing. It will be possible to build a pack to read from a bank’s API directly as a pack table (like Gmail and Calendar), no need for Zapier etc.

If you get your data into Sheets though, there’ll be a Sheets → Coda pack. Guess who’s working on it :wink:

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What I am currently doing is to download, and then cut and paste from the downloaded file into Coda. One bank unfortunately does not have CSV files, so I had to parse the string - at least I learned something in the process. :wink:

But yes, @Paul_Danyliuk, a pack would be nice.