Import bank transactions into Coda?

Hi Coda,

Has anyone figured out a way to import bank and credit-card transactions into Coda automatically? I’d like to keep track of my budget in Coda without manually importing all of my transactions.

The best solution I can think of is to import bank and credit card transactions into a Google sheet with Tiller and then use Zapier or something to provision a Coda table from the Google sheet. I sure wish there was a more straightforward way of doing it, though.

Why not use Zapier / Integromat to get data from your bank (if it has an API) straight into Coda?

Also custom packs are soon to be a thing. It will be possible to build a pack to read from a bank’s API directly as a pack table (like Gmail and Calendar), no need for Zapier etc.

If you get your data into Sheets though, there’ll be a Sheets → Coda pack. Guess who’s working on it :wink:


What I am currently doing is to download, and then cut and paste from the downloaded file into Coda. One bank unfortunately does not have CSV files, so I had to parse the string - at least I learned something in the process. :wink:

But yes, @Paul_Danyliuk, a pack would be nice.


Hi @DSB and @Piet_Strydom

I’m actually building a Coda Pack that will sync your bank account balances, transactions, and investments to Coda! The pack is launching later on this month. If you want to be updated when it launches, you can add your email here.

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