Importing not real time csv database into coda


We have specific budget tracking software in our company. But it only displays the budgetlines and data. It’s impossible to make a ‘real time’ dashboard of our total and specific budgets.

I am now making a dashboard in coda by importing the CSV file from our software. Is there an easy way to update this table regularly? Now I have to download the csv every few days and import it into coda and link it with the database. Is there a quick way to update the data?

Is there an API to your tracking software?

No i’m afraid not. At least not for use at my level because we are a local government and we cannot share data with external parties outside Europe due to privacy issues.

Okay, is it possible to email the CSV through an automated process?

If so, you could use an inbound email “webhook” in something like Google Apps Script to digest the incoming CSV attachment whose data is then updated into a Coda table using the Coda API.

Alternatively, it may also be possible to sync the incoming emails with attachments in Coda itself, and then use a Pack to “unpack” the CSV and update table rows.

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