Beta Testers Required - Sync Financial Data with Coda

Hi All

I’m looking for a few more UK/EU based beta testers for a new Coda pack. The pack allows user to sync their banking data with Coda. This is done via the GoCardless / Nordigen API.

A full range of accounts are supported from personal, business/corporate, loan, credit card, investment etc etc.

There are lots of use case for this such as creating a dashboard with financial health, auto categorising all your transaction with some coda formulas, thus allowing tracking of spend and budgeting, and marking expenses for tax returns to name a few. Only limited my your imagination!

If you would like to take part in the beta, please fill in this quick form Upon completion, the pack with be shared with instruction on how to get started.

Thanks and feel free to ask any questions!


I’ve tested this beta pack for a week now and can highly recommend it. Finally being able to pull in all my financial transactions from different banks and credit cards into one Coda table. No fiddling with different date, number or currency formats, need to sign in to each account every time.

Go ahead and sign up for the beta!

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This could be really very interesting; looking forward to it.

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@Doug_Loud - the pack is now available for all, you can check it out here: Banktables

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