Quickest way to add Emojis everywhere

Hey, because is Coda is a lot about Emojis (and the question came up here again)

There is a cool tool on mac called rocket. I have set up my trigger “§” and whenever I type it, I can add an emoji. Maybe useful for some of you.

:rocket: ROCKET Website


Is there similar app for Windows?
I will search for it, but if you know by heart :pray:

Unfortunately not. I actually had big problems on windows to even see emojis :disappointed_relieved: Often they get replaced by their win-version, sometimes they are invisible. But I bet there is a way to use emojis on windows like on mac.

Hello Akos, this is actually built into Windows 10 - you can type “Windows + .” or “Windown + ;” to drop down the emoji keyboard, thanks!