Recap of NYC Coda meetup February 2019


At the last NYC Coda maker meetup, @shishir talked about Coda 1.0 and had a chat with Dave Mastronardi from Gamestorming about running more effective meetings. Here is the recap of the meetup:

:point_right: See the Gamestorming template here.


NYC Coda meetup March 26th, 2019

By the way, here’s the video recap from the December 2018 meetup in NYC. Sorry for the poor audio/video!

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Hey @Al_Chen_Coda, these are both great meetups. Especially the December one. Any chance you would consider having them live via a sharing platform so more could join?

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@Andrew_E We can definitely try to livestream future meetups in NYC, we just don’t have that many people and equipment in the office right now to do a larger production. Will work on it!

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