Relational formulas - How to get [Name] filled out?

Hello everybody,

I am trying to create a system, where I can select message sequences for my new contacts.

Right now, I’m trying to get the name to be filled out automatically, while the formula is in another table as the name.

Does anybody has an idea?

Example Doc:

Hi @Isebar_DE,

I did some changes.

Please check if that is what you visualized.


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Thanks Jannis. This is it, but how does it work?

Hi @Isebar_DE

please check your table and the columns. I changed the formulas and was using the Format-Formula.

I can also recommend watching this YouTube-Video.
That is the exact technique I used.


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Thanks alot. This is really interesting, although i don’t understand everything about it. If you have any other videos explaining it, please share them.

Hi @Isebar_DE,

Unfortunately, this is the only video I can remember that uses this technique.
I find it’s not that hard to understand once you understand how the Format-Formula is working.

Best regards

Yeah, I’m meant all the stuff he did in that video, but especially the placeholders or whatever this is called. I didn’t even know that this functionality exists. The format formula, I did understand.

But thanks anyways, this was very helpful

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