"Responsive" columns

I was wondering if there could be an option to denote columns as “non-vital”. Meaning, if a user views this table on a smaller screen automatically start hiding those columns. And this way make it a LOT easier to use big tables on smaller screens.

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Dear @Per_Bonomi,

In the past my reaction was similar, but I learned in this community something important.

Create you table base and use as many columns as needed. (if you make really big and complex structures, you could add symbols in the naming of columns to easy identify the support columns for example)

What to do:

In the areas where the users will interact, you only use views that are both filtered and have the non relevant columns hidden. Think also about what view of your table would suite the most, to my opinion the “details view” is underestimated on it’s potential

With the support of buttons, you can make it even more user friendly
The example of @Paul_Danyliuk is a good sample how to use buttons to navigate:

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Hi @Per_Bonomi,

Another option is creating a new section and using a view of the table to only show the necessary items. View are the same data as their parent table and this would let you create a mobile view and desktop view.

Here’s a doc I made that has a lot of information, but uses views to limit what the individual user needs to see in any given section:

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