Set date based on date from row above?

I just want to start off by saying I’m a mechanical engineer so I don’t speak code too good. Take it easy on me :laughing:

I’m trying to build a To Do List/Task Tracker for just myself (no team). I don’t tend to work off of deadlines, but rather just focus on “what’s next”.

Because I’m solo, I don’t have the ability to work on more than one project at a time. So I’m trying to figure out a formula that let’s me set an estimated start date based on the estimated end date of the row above. My plan is to use a timeline to show my pipeline, but such that projects are sequenced one after the other rather than stacked on top of each other.

Another challenge here is that I’m manually shuffling the order of the rows based on changing priorities with the most urgent item being at the top. I have successfully created an index (not sure if that’s the right term) that renumbers the rows based on their visual position rather than row ID.

In the Est. Start column I’ve managed to get the start of a formula, but I’m honestly stumped as to how to finish it out. I’m not even convinced I’m going about this the right way. Any input or suggestions are very much appreciated!


Hi Max,

Welcome to Coda! And the fact that you do not speak code to good, is an advantage… Coda’s a no-code tool :wink:

This is actually not a simple question, as you point out the row sequence can change. Please have a look at @joost_mineur comments on this previous question:

You are going about it the right way, building a new sequence as Joost suggests.
(I have unfortunately not had time to finish the changes that I need to make to my example, so there is no live example at the moment.)

And your formula would like to look something like the below:
(Replace my RowID column, witht he name of your column that contains the sequence number.


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Thanks Piet!

I saw you’re reply last night but it didn’t make sense, but after a few cups of coffee this morning I got it to work!

I believe this can be marked as solved. I appreciate the help!


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