Formulas referencing different rows in the same column

In the “Ask the Community” forum, somebody asked how to do a calculation referencing two rows in the same column.

It is not as straightforward in Coda as it is in Excel, but it is doable.

I explain how here:


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Hello Piet,
I understand that people ask for these type of solutions, but they are really tricky. When I started working with coda I tried lots of work-arounds to overcome the lack of row-references. These workaround were very useful in getting to know Coda, but now, some 2 years later, I hardly ever need solutions like that.
That said, these methods are very error prone. When rows get added in the middle of the table, or deleted, this type of logic will fail. The formulas can be adjusted to find the nearest lower rowID, but that is not very efficient and also error prone.
If you really need to use this type calculation, make an extra column and fill it wit rank(), that is a lot more reliable than rowID.
Happy Coding,


Hi Joost,

Thanks. I will update the doc. Experience is a wonderful thing… :wink:


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