Showing empty values in Bar Charts

Hello everyone!

I have an issue regarding the Bar Chart:
I made a table consisting of payment milestones for projects.
The table is also shown as a Bar Chart with summaries for each and every month.
The problem is that some months has no milestones and therefore the bar chart ignores these months while I want to see those empty months in the Bar Chart if they exist.

I know that the X axis in the Line Chart can be time based and show month by month (even when there is no entry), but is it possible in the Bar Chart as well?

If not - I saw an earlier message replied by @BenLee suggesting adding an automation that would run once a week (/month if possible), filter to see if there is an entry for let’s say the following month and if not - it could add a row for that month with a “0” value.

What would that automation look like? I’d appreciate an example showing the formulas…

Thanks in advance!