Some Performance Announcements

In our case, we’d love a pagination feature in tables as well.

We have a table with an icebox where we only need to see a few items in one view. Pagination will allow us to avoid overwhelming the user with too many entries.

The same happens with our backlog.

In my opinion using controls for this is too cumbersome.

So I’m a clear +1 to adding pagination controls to tables : )


The main use-case for pagination is what it always has been… user experience. Nobody wants to see a list of 400 items. Especially if this table is supposed to just be an element in a longer form page/report.

I really struggle to see why you guys don’t just implement this. Its almost impossible to find a grid / table system out in the wild that doesn’t have native paging, yet somehow you keep trying to justify not having it?

Hey @Richard_Browbek1 and @Raul_San_N.H

Just to make the distinction, the topic of pagination should have nothing to do with performance anymore, since we’re working on making big tables scroll faster regardless of pagination.

Totally understand that there are valid scenarios for pagination that are not possible yet. There are a few workarounds like using filtered views, canvas controls or the detail layout with bottom navigation, which is paginated with one item at a time. I completely agree that it will be useful to be able to paginate through a small number of rows at a time. It’s not a question of justifying not doing pagination but just a matter of prioritizing it against other improvements on our list.

Really appreciate hearing the feedback and scenarios and will definitely pass them on to the team to prioritize appropriately. However, would suggest we move the discussion about pagination to a different thread like this one since it is unrelated to performance.


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Edit: Ooops just seen this was already in the examples :upside_down_face:

Another possible tip, regarding CountIf.

I have this 500+ rows table with time tracking info. Date/Task/Start/End then some calcs for Duration etc.

I had previously given up on this doc as it lagged as hell. Some of the views make heavy use of grouping, so I thought it could be that, but was never able to fix it. Now with the performance tool I went back to check what was going on.

There was basically just one column taking tens of seconds to calculate. It counted the number of times a task was executed in a day:

thisTable.CountIf(Task=thisRow.Task AND Date=thisRow.Date)

I rewrote the formula as

thisTable.Filter(Task=thisRow.Task AND Date=thisRow.Date).Count()

Now it takes ~100ms.


Hey @Dalmo_Mendonca, sorry about the slow response here.
Yup CountIf() is one of the formulas we haven’t optimized yet.
Glad you were able to rewrite it and make it much faster!