Support for HEIC / batch convert HEIC to jpeg

I just imported a table from Airtable to Coda. Any idea how to get Coda to support HEIC and / or batch convert all the HEIC files into jpeg files?

On a similar note I’d also like a way to batch resize the images to be smaller and thus taking less space in coda.

Hi @Tony_Xiao1,

Currently, HEIC is not a supported format, but I would encourage you to add this to our Suggestion Box Page as a Feature request.

You may find some value with some of our packs that could help with this either through the Google Photo pack or even a Edit images pack which can all be found on our gallery page here.

Hope this workaround will help you with some of the batch tasks you are looking to perform.

Got it. However I don’t see any photo editor packs that have this functionality. Is there a specific one you’d recommend?

Hey @Tony_Xiao1 and @Dan_Demers,

Imgix supports HEIC, so I was surprised to learn it was not loading (Coda uses imgix for image delivery).

That said, once you force an image to get delivered through imgix, it loads:

It gets auto-optimized to serve in a browser-supported format, IIRC that’s WebP by default. But there’s way to force JPEG of desired quality by using url parameters — see Format | imgix Documentation

E.g. here’s the same upload with fm=jpg&q=75&h=300 (format, quality, and height):

My Edit Images pack is basically the imgix wrapper, so you can try that for resizing, compressing etc. Please let me know if you need help with that.

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TIL :smile: !

Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk :raised_hands: !

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