Table listing all existing tables, views, etc. of a doc


for my project I am working on a user management based on groups with group based permissions. Basically each user is part of a group and each group has certain permissions to view, edit, add, delete, etc. records.
As the total doc is still in the development phase I do not have a complete list of tables yet (which will probably never happen :wink: ).

So what I am trying to do, is to define a table, which dynamically consists the name of all existing or added tables.

I have three tables in my doc:

DB Contacts
DB Accounts
DB Products

I want to add another table with three rows:

  1. DB Contacts
  2. DB Accounts
  3. DB Products

Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 10.42.29

and when I add a fourth table (e.g. contract) then I want to have an automation adding a fourth line
4. DB Contracts

Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 10.43.04

Is there any formula, which I can use to read the names of all existing tables, views, sub-docs in my doc?

Thanks for any help and comments!

Hey @Sven_Schuldt ,

as far as I know there is no direct way to do it, but I put my workaround using the API here:

It doesn’t delete tables you deleted in your doc an somehow displays also pages, but you get the idea.

Best regards



Thank you - I was expecting this going this route :wink:
I am certainly not a coding expert, but what you are showing me here, helps a lot - thank you, I will dig into this now …

Highly appreciated!

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Very soon, [I think] this will become pretty easy with a custom Pack.