Total count of docs by Doc Maker (Person)

Hello community! I am attempting write a formula or perhaps access the API to find a count of docs created and currently owned by all Doc Makers. The formula would be preferred over building an API that calls the list of users and pulls the list of docs they are the principal over, but I am open to suggestions.
Ideally I would end up with a table like
owner_name | owner_doc_count
I can’t find much in the formula’s related to other accounts.


Hi @Nathan_Sann - Unfortunately I don’t think that is possible today using formulas alone. When you say “all Doc Makers”, I assume you mean within a workspace? The Coda API only allows you to access the docs of a single user, but you could use the Admin API to list all of the users and docs in an Coda enterprise organization.

Ok thanks for the response, I will explore the API. Please close the ticket!

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