Use Button to Increment Value in the Following Row

I am using Coda to create a Daily Task Tracker app for myself:
However, unfortunately, I am having trouble with a few elements.

I would like to have a button that will increase the value in the following row by 15 each time the button is pressed.

The closest I’ve gotten is to have the values for the entire column summed up and then to add 15 to that value. However, that is not what I intended.

(My intention has been to be tracking my time usage by 15 min intervals but when I try to set the Column to “Duration” it only seems to add the time as hours, so I set the column as “Numbers” instead.)

(After building this version I had the thought that it might be better to separate the Projects and the Time into different Tables so I could use the Tracker to enter time on different days and have it track those with the same setup, but I’m a Coda newbie here. If anyone else likes this and wants to offer some suggestions for how to do that I’m super open to that!)

Any help would be appreciated.

Again, here’s the link to a demo of my current document.

try this one sum(thisRow.Mins, Time(0,15,0)) - add 15mins to Mins column and see if it works for your needs

also, may be this would come handy? Want to track your time across tasks?

I think I were able to increment column “Mins” by 15 minutes when press “+” by:

  • Change column “Mins”: DISPLAY AS: Auto, PRECISION: Auto
  • Change “Add Time” button: UPDATE VALUES: Mins, FORMULA: thisRow.Mins+Duration(0,0,15,0)

Let me know if this what you want :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this that’s something I really was looking for !