Using a button to add a row and increase the new row value by 1


I would like to create a button in a table that will create a new row. Then content of a cell in the new row will increase by one from the value of the content in the row the button is in


Dear @Michael_Burk,

In my example the next day date will be added in the column.
This is the formula to be used in the column type selector:

DateTable.Dates.Max() +1


And accordingly add a button creating a new row

And the magic happens, you will see that also by just adding a new row the same will happen, but of course the buttons are much more fancy and user friendly.

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And just in case you want to use Buttons - to add rows just after another you can use this -


@mallika your response solved the issue i was having very simply. i am obviously new to this.



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