What are tables in Excel and Coda?


Wrote a blog post about what tables are in Excel and Coda, and what it means for those who pull and sort data.

TL;DR: Tables in Excel and Coda changes the way we think about lists, spreadsheets, and databases.

Also made a short video about the concept if you don’t care to read :grin:



This video is great and will save me hours of banging my head against a wall when trying to encourage others to think a bit differently. Excel can pretty much do everything, but the pain that you have to go through to get there and what happens when your boss ultimately changes everything at the last minute is equally as important as the result.

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Thanks for the kind words @Paul_Hitchenson! I know all too well the feeling of creating something in Excel and then your boss says everything needs to be changed or re-wired. If you don’t build the foundation of your tool/app/spreadsheet to account for changes, additions, subtractions, you’ll inevitably spend a lot of time hacking a solution together.