Whats wrong with this formula? just a sum()

As you can see, the step right before .sum is returning a list of prices. The .sum() is returning a big fat zero.

What could I be doing wrong here? Am I using it wrong?

It doesn’t like this either:

Would you be able to share the doc? There is probably an invalid value somewhere messing up the formula.

I see it!

Your filter is asking where project name contains this row.name

The data types are mismatched. You can tell because of the icons on the colored data chips.

The “project name” data type is a row value while your “thisRow.name” is a text value. Therefore, your filter will always end up empty and return nothing.

Simply erase the “.name” from your filter and leave the “thisRow”

You can learn all about coda data types and formula chips here!


That fixed it thanks!

I’m trying to understand the logic and the only way I can think it makes sense is that the project name chips in the bottom table literally contain the whole row or simply match the whole row on the upper table. Which I guess makes sense.

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