When Creating a row, create related rows to serve as a sort of "checklist"

Hi guys,

I wanted to do something like this:

When I create a new row in a table, with automations, have a few rows create automatically that are related and will be created in a related table. What I want to do here is recreate functionality of a checklist that other apps like Jira have for software development.

So I’d have a feature that I would create in this “home” row. Upon creation, I’d automatically create a few related rows in another table, which would have their own metadata like status, assignee, etc. for things like “review” and “QA.”

Even better would be if I could, via a button, add some context to those new rows, for example copy the name of the “home” row into the name of the other new related rows with some additional text, potentially concatenated?

I think this post is related:

But it did not get a response.

Thanks guys!