Where is the API reference for Pack endpoints?

Is there an API reference for the pack endpoints?

They aren’t in the official API reference.

Some endpoints I know exist:

  • /packs
  • /packs/{packId}
  • /packs/{packId}/releases
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You’ll need to reference the API source code in Github.

Also there are a couple packs that help you (the second is mine :slight_smile: ).

Both rely on the SDK.

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Just to clarify - Those API endpoints for managing Packs are not officially supported and can change without warning. Use at your own risk!

@Troy_Larson Awesome! I’ll check that out. Thanks!

I’ve also found the endpoints in the OpenAPI spec.

@Eric_Koleda why are they not standardized and documented? I mean they are used by the SDK, multiple packs, etc. A change in the API would break a lot of stuff.

@Tobias_Feistmantl - The API endpoints were added to the API originally to support the Packs CLI and some other features in the product, but they weren’t officially released since we weren’t sure breaking changes would be needed as the platform settled into place. You are correct that other Packs use these endpoints as well, but all with the same caveats that it’s not completely safe to do so. While I think it’s unlikely we’ll make sweeping breaking changes at this point, that’s the risk you’ll have to accept if you want to use them.