Youtube Player Doc With Easy Time-Stamped Note Taking

This is a doc I built for taking time-stamped notes for YouTube videos. Just press the Add Note button and it will automatically time-stamp the note with where you are in the video.


  • Automatic Time Stamps for notes
  • Easily jump to any part of the video using a slider
  • Easy jump to any note / timestamp
  • Customizable time-skip buttons for nudging video forward and back (and nudging saved timestamps forward and back)
  • Resizeable Video Player with in-doc controls
  • Auto-Import YouTube videos, paste link and click import**(see first limitation)


  • Many features rely on Coda knowing the length of the video. Even with the youtube pack, coda cannot automatically enter this information, so it must be entered manually for each video. (Or automated in some other way. My personal version is linked with Integromat, which calls googles API to get detailed video information, making importing more truly automatic)

  • The in-doc timestamps rely on a separate timer running in the doc (not grabbing that info directly from the embed). These don’t perfectly match up. It works very well, within a second usually, but stuff can get funky and mileage may vary depending on connection speed
    (The small arrow buttons beside the in-doc timer let you nudge the timer in either direction to sync it better for more accurate timestamps)

  • You must use the in-doc button controls, not the controls on the player (or keyboard shortcuts), or else the timer will be out of sync (press reset if this happens)

  • Uses hidden formulas like button() and _merge(), so potentially not stable

Shout out to @Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt whose music player doc gave me the idea and @Paul_Danyliuk whose posts have helped a lot and whose videos are included in the doc template.

Doc is embedded in play mode below the gif. Not sure if everything will work well in play mode, but feel free to make a copy

coda gif yt


Oh wow, looks great! Can’t wait to get to my computer and play around with it.

Maybe this doc finally helps me timestamp my videos. Looks like tremendous help. I love how well thought out the workflow looks.

Also thank you a lot for the shout-out! :raised_hands: