Zapier not loading columns


I have a Zapier that takes an email payload and loads it to a Coda table. This was working fine until abojut two days ago. I went into my Zap and check the stages. The step that “creates a row” on Coda is not loading my table with its columns. This was fine before. Whenver I reselct the table required it shows no fields/cols. All other tasbles in the doc laod as expected. It is just this one - and typically the omne needed. The table has only one editable col. The rest are formula driven, having parsed the data filled inot this one editable field by Zapier.

Any ideas as yo why it isn’t loasdsing and why this has been working for a few years but now stopped.

Hey @Francis_Hampden,

Wanted to check in with you on this and see if you were still seeing this issue? We had a few fixes that launched recently so I wanted to see if that corrected this issue for you.

Secondly, if it did not I would test out the connection with a few other “placeholder” columns in the doc and see if Zapier would pull that up when you make the connection. If that still doesn’t work for you, I would recommend that you click the “?” in the lower-right hand side of the doc and click “Get Support” and then file the bug with us!

I hope that helps.

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