A list of suggestions

Hello Coda folks,

I want to share some thoughts and suggestions for enhancing the Coda platform based on my experience as a user.

  1. Password Protection for Notes: It would be incredibly beneficial to have the option to set passwords for certain notes. This would provide an added layer of security for sensitive information and enhance user privacy.
  2. Additional Themes and Customization Options: Adding more themes and allowing users to customize them would greatly improve the visual experience of using Coda. Providing more visualization options for the note stack would also contribute to a more personalized and visually appealing interface.
  3. Instant Creation of Private Notes: A feature that enables users to instantly create a new private note upon opening the app would be highly convenient. This would facilitate quick capturing of ideas or thoughts, enhancing productivity and user experience.
  4. Save Notes as Markdown or HTML: Offering the option to save notes in Markdown or HTML format would cater to users who prefer these formats for various purposes such as documentation or publishing.
  5. Core Plugin for IPYNB-style Notes: I am particularly interested in a feature that allows the creation of IPYNB-style notes with code blocks, supporting multiple programming languages. I would be willing to pay for this feature, as I believe it would greatly benefit users who work with code within Coda.
  6. Incorporate Multimedia Functionality: It would be fantastic to have functionality for recording audio, video, or capturing images directly within the app. This would streamline the process of adding multimedia content to notes and documents.
  7. Back Option from Official Website: It would be helpful to have a back option if users are redirected to the official Coda website from the app. This would ensure a smoother transition between the app and the website.
  8. iOS Widget: A widget for iOS devices would be a valuable addition, allowing users to access key features and information from the Coda platform directly from their home screens.

I believe these enhancements would contribute to making Coda an even more versatile and user-friendly platform. Thank you for considering my suggestions, and I look forward to seeing how the platform continues to evolve.

Warm regards,