A Map doc of docs Maps - workspace visual audit ( API - Draw.IO )

Hello great minds,

I’ve been using coda previously in a way that wasn’t optimal, and I tend to forget where I organized some sections, ending up with a mess and frequently duplicating effort and references, so I started the habit of adding " This Doc" section at the top of every doc to summarize my intent at the time, and possibly manually list the doc section, meaning that I literally manually creating the doc map built in for the OCD.

After a few docs things started getting tedious, so I though I figured out a solution that is one doc, with one table to rule them all, The Table O’ Tablez!
Its simple with columns " Doc | Folder | Section | Table ", and I use excessive hyperlinking to the real sections in my docs to have an index that I keep updating and using to macro manage.

Now after moving to coda 2 I had to split docs and rearrange everything that resulted in a many many more docs rearranged, leaving the reference table useless and out of date, 90% of links broke in more than 200 sections or so, OCD kicks in but I cant imagine doing it again, it proved non-sustainable.

Contacting support inquiring for an account-level map resulted in a suggestion to hack around it using the API, but I have no idea where to start, I’m aspiring to have a one coda doc, that summarizes all the other docs and tables with a holistic view, or update a tree chart in draw.io would be even cooler, if you know how to make this possible and have the time, please share the steps for the not-advanced users to follow the procedure, that will be very useful.

Stretching the map doc could be a column for the people in the doc, and if a doc is public or not which helps keep things in check for work-space admins.



I have a full-text search index for all my Coda docs and Airtable docs; allows me to search both accounts even across multiple workspaces.

I’ll ponder how this might nudge this objective along.

Unsustainable - big time-sink. My search crawler does this for you. The only thing that’s a slight dead-end for me right now - I can’t seem to find a way to use the API to get section content. I can only set up an action that emails each section nightly and then I harvest the email content to build the full text index for textual content. Tables are easy to get through the API - I’m puzzled why Coda would stop at Tables for API access.

Anyone know what I’m missing?