Export detailed doc maps for ChatGPT assistance

Working with ChatGPT has fast-tracked my Coda abilities an incredible amount. I’ve been able to develop many complex and effective schemas / formulas - beyond my own abilities - while learning so much as a result of the process.

The only friction comes from having to describe the existing schema, relationships and copy/paste the formulas. Screenshots of docs / tables / column lists provides some extra help. But the Doc Map, not so much.

I’d really like to be able to export a meaningful dataset that could provide all of this info, minus row data, to ChatGPT.

I think @Rickard_Abraham made something like this!

Thanks Scott! :grin:

Yes! I’m offering a service to visualize the interactions of columns in tables in a doc

I usually only deliver pictures of the diagrams, but if you’re planning to feed it to a LLM then I could attach the diagram code as well, it should know what to do with it =) It’s an eraser.io “Entity Relationships” diagram