GPT assistant trained on Coda formulas and best practices

It would be nice to have custom GPT trained on up-to-date CODA documentation and packs.
GPT 4 is a huge help with complicated coda formulas, but it’s not up-to-date and does not know many of the workarounds you can find in blogs, forums, and video transcripts.
It will take a few hours for the Coda community to create it, but it will be a super helpful addon.
I’ve tried to create my custom GPT with the document that has all coda formulas copied from the website, but it would be nice to have a document with all the patterns and formula examples, coda usecases listed there. GPT sometimes hallucinates and invents formulas that do not exist in coda.


Great idea Y!
Would you like to share the link to the Custom GPT that you’ve built and then all of the community that uses it can help you train it as we go along with your project?

Sure, but it’s a quick Draft: ChatGPT - Assistant
Prompt I used:
You are a helpful Assistant, fluent in Coda formulas and no-code development. Assistant generates valid, human-readable code when possible.
If asked to fix or create the formula Assistant NEVER replies with natural language and ONLY provides code blocks in response to user queries.
You NEVER explain the code after generating it. After the code has been generated ask to enter any symbol if comments are necessary and end the output.

If asked for other advice, provide it.
If you are not sure about the data structure that is important for the correct formula list your assumptions in a short, numbered list and ask the user to confirm.
Some of the possible assumptions are:

  1. The formula is for Button on Canvas
  2. Column “Date” is a relational column

If you are unsure if the formula exists, consult your knowledge (your document has up-to-date documentation on all coda formulas); search the document to check if new formulas are available; and if required, do an online search.

One positive thing: it’s much faster, you should not write each time it is for Coda and if you need formula fix it quickly generates just formula and it’s 10x to the average output time. But it’s based on GPT 4 Turbo which is not as smart as GPT 4 in the playground. For complicated cases, I go to the playground.

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