Coda with gpt 4?

is there a way to add gpt 4 to a doc? I already pay for gpt 4 and have it open in a separate window, but it would be helpful to have it integrated like coda ai.

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Coda AI currently uses a mix of different models. At this time we don’t have GPT4 as a direct option, nor do we let you connect your external GPT4 account currently. We appreciate your feedback and would love your thoughts on which use cases feel worse in Coda AI than GPT4.

thanks. The reasons I would prefer gpt4 are:

  • Coda AI often gives me formulas and directions for outdated versions of coda
  • GPT 4 can search bing. since my work involves very recent information, 3.5 isn’t helpful.
  • I seem to have run out of Coda AI credits (no idea how), and I’m already paying for gpt 4
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This is super helpful context @Ariella_Messing! We are working on most of these issues, and hope to have more to share soon. :slightly_smiling_face: As we make progress, would you be open to chatting with our product team to provide feedback on some new things they’re building around this?

Not sure if this work around is relevant to your case but I’m under the impression that we are able to access gpt4 via the openAI pack from Spencer Chang and Coda. When setting up your variable (model, tokens, temp) you can choose 4 or 4-32k.

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Unfortunately, the OpenAI pack has issues with timeouts for longer outputs and coda team decided it’s not a priority
BTW it would be nice to have custom GPT trained on up-to-date CODA documentation and packs.
GPT is a huge help with complicated coda formulas, but it’s not up-to-date and does not know many of the workarounds you can find in blogs, forums, and video transcripts.

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I actually made CodaPackGPT recently. It helped me create my first pack.

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I have the Coda API doc in a Google Notebook LM project … and I add the other API Docs that I’m working with … its a game changer … if you’re looking for a solution that using up to date documents … just use NotebookLM and update you’re PDFs as you need.

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Trying it right now.

I’m going to take some time this weekend to add a feedback mechanism into the GPT but for now if you have any feedback please provide it here. Super interested to hear about your experience.

I finally got time to really push it over the holiday break and though it took me some time, I did eventually create a pack (without writing any code) that included authentication, formulas, and sync tables.

Btw I also shared another post recently about this GPT that contains a little more info.

holy smokes, didn’t know about Notebook LM. Guess I’ve got another thing to read about this weekend.

agreed. and both gpt 4 and coda ai are CONSTANTLY giving me incorrect instructions about how to use coda.

Seems it’s not giving up to date information. I’ll give it errors, and it’ll say … "Ah, yes, it seems there’s an update to Coda … blah blah. But … you gave it the most updated documentation … maybe in the Custom responses … explicit say … “check the provided documentation before anything else”.

^ but … I don’t know what I’m talking about, you might have a whole script done for this exact thing.

do you use this only for coda formulas? Is there a way for notebook lm to read a coda doc?

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