I just noticed: Coda AI using GPT-4 ? 🔥


It seems it is not yet available to everyone.
So I expect there to be an announcement soon as it rolls out more generally.

This is a BIG development for me and my clients.
GPT-4 is far better at following complex prompts, has a much bigger neural net, and has a bigger context window.

As we say in Ireland - “Now we 're sucking diesel!”


alas, GPT-4 is NOT being used for Coda AI Columns in tables (yet) :frowning_face:

the chat side-panel uses GPT-3 on the FAST setting.
and uses GPT-4 on the Higher-Quality setting.
has this always been like that, and I didnt realize?


Is there any word that GPT4 will be added to Coda? I can think of numerous ways this upgrade could be enhance my workflow.