Turning ChatGPT into a CODA.io formula expert

Hi all,

earlier today I was stuck with a formula for my Life Dashboard 2.0 doc
I almost started to ask here in the community but then I thought, let’s try ChatGPT.
It solved my problem in the first answer!

Immediately got me thinking to build a GPT-powered coda.io help chat bot…

Here is what I wrote:

Wanted to share it. What do you think?
Did you use ChatGPT while building your doc?

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Hi @Simon_Heuschkel , cool trick!

How did you teached to chatgpt the coda’s formulas??? :)))
Also, it would be awesome to just “copy and paste” into chatgpt the “schema” of the table to have exactly the formula you need without the manual edits :)))

In any case, creative work! :smiley:

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It’s impressed me a lot but I’m afraid it doesn’t have enough training data on coda to create complicated formulas. I’ve found it to be hallucinating a bit. Otherwise it’s great at summarizing what a formula does. I’m sure it’s gonna get better in no-time though, especially with GPT4’s improved logic, amazing potential!


summarizing what a formula does

The Coda team is developing this feature: ChatGPT + formula comment = auto comment,Clicking “auto comment” button will add a comment at the top of the formula to explain what the formula does.

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Mario, the simple prompt “act as a coda formula expert” did the trick.
Not sure if it understands more complex formular problems but it’s definitely worth a try.

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It’s definitely interesting.

I asked it do something for me and it kept inserting excel formulas that coda doesn’t have. Each time I pointed this out it juts references a different excel formula lol.

Also most of the formulas didn’t actually work. So asking for basics things is cool but it do much of anything that’s complicated.

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Cool! but definitely “limited”!
there should be a way to “teach” ai coda formulas, let’s see if coda take seriously ai implementation and design such a system! :slight_smile:

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