Would you be interested in a part-time gig, plugging in the formulas to my doc?

So, obviously I am not very familiar with coding or formulas, however I’ve got a Coda doc pretty much fleshed-out on how I want it to look and interact.

I’ve spent the last 2-months, doing my best to make things sort-of work, but I’m throwing in the towel and hopefully someone who’s keen on collaborating would be interested in joining in on the fun! :neutral_face:

It’s basically a Life Management doc, with goals, captures, the purpose behind the goals, and other self-help verbiage. Ideally, I’d do my daily, weekly, and monthly planning within the doc, and it would track the progress of each completed task. That’s the gist of it, but there’s definitely more involved.

Crossing my fingers, this group’s got some freelancers, who happen to like Tony Robbins!


Hi Beau,
I might have some free time here to help you out.

Also, what do you mean with ‘gig’, do you expect a free service or do you have something you offer in return?

Would you mind sharing the doc so afterwards we can discuss how to bring this thing to life?



Sounds interesting.

I’m a the creator of the Podcast Outline Template and have also built a few Life Management tools in Coda for myself.

Would be keen on having a chat about what you have here.

Also, Tony Robbins is the man! :smiley:


Hi @beau. Happy to take a look at this project if you still need someone to help :innocent:. I’m quite comfortable with the coding/formula side of things, and would love to work with you on your project. Been working on a similar type of doc myself so interested to hear your ideas either way.

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Will be happy to jump on this gig if you’re still interested. To be honest, info business is not my cup of tea — but on the other hand, self-improvement is. And I’m pretty comfortable with formulas as well.

Previously I’ve built Paul’s Plan — a self-motivation / habit building technique. I’ve also discovered some helpful tricks ([1] [2] [3]) and built lots of other crazy stuff pushing Coda’s limits, like a chat bot and a snake game. So yeah, pretty comfortable with formulas :slight_smile:


so i am curious did you manage to get this done?

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