A multile Rows from 1 click

I have a Table that has time sheets in it. Each row is 1 person’s time for 1 job. I have 15 employees, so I want to click a button that creates a row for every employee each day. I have a table witht the Emplyees names in it, so I would like to take all the employees in this table and take there name, and create a new row in this new table. Any ideas on what I can do?

If I could make a template that I could drag and drop that would work too, but I don’t want a new table, I want to drag the new rows into an existing table

Certainly not confident that my method is the most performant but I added a button to my “Employees” table that adds them to a similar Time Sheet table. Then on the page that has the time sheet table I have a “Push Button” that runs and clicks that button for the entire employee list. Hope that makes sense, happy to elaborate.

That makes sense, but how do you make a push button that does all that? Is that simple?

Normally in this case you would want to use formulaMap() on a list

Happy to throw an example doc together if you need!

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I knew someone would come in hear saying FormulaMap was the right answer so I started looking to convert mine. Here is what I ended up with:

[Active Employees].filter(Terminated = false).FormulaMap(
[Bonus Eligibility],
[Bonus Eligibility].[DA Name],


You could remove the filter if it doesn’t apply to you. Active Employees is my employee list and Bonus Eligibility is my target table (your timesheet table).


Would be great if you could send an example of it. What I’m trying to do is pretty simple have 2 tables, one called employees and one called timeSheets. When I click a button I want to be able to look at all the employees and create a new time sheet per employee in the timesheets database

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