A public Coda issue tracker & roadmap

At the moment it is really hard to keep oversight on the feature requests, and there is no insight into whether topics from the Suggestion Box were picked up by Coda , seen at all, what their state is, or whether they were already fixed in some version.

Given that Coda still feels like it’s an unfinished product that has a lot of expected features “in the works” it would really help me convince my team to switch to this product knowing the state of certain upcoming features.



Hi @GJ_Roelofs, our team definitely reads these suggestions. I am working with the the product team on a better process for replying to and updating our community on these suggestions!


Great to hear - being a developer myself with an open-kitchen policy w.r.t. development facing a large community I fully understand how hard it can be. (and how much time community interaction can cost…)