Coda Release Notes

Hi all,
Is there any Release Note (the typical “fixes, new features, improvements”) to have a deeper look than public announcements.

Some time ago a post ( was referring to the public roadmap of Coda: any similar initiative followed?

Thank you!

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@Federico_Stefanato - have you checked out -

Not the same as a roadmap but this is a place where the updates are aggregated.

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Hi @mallika,
many thanks for the suggestion!
Undoubtedly useful, however I still miss the two main information:

  • A more granular overview about the current release (the actual Release Notes)
  • What are the next steps (the Roadmap).

Just a question: is it something you foresee would be publicly available or it is specifically hidden to the public?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @mallika,

I’m looking for this also. A roadmap would be incredibly useful for making decisions about short-term workarounds versus more robust solutions to problems. I’d love to see a public roadmap.



Exactly! I think it will give the users clarity and confidence.


Hi @Codans, any news/thoughts on this?

I’d really appreciate your insight.

Thanks a lot!

+1 for me as well
knowing what is coming might help to decide to switch to coda
And of course we understand if dates slip or things change (that is reality)

Any Codan willing to express an official position - or even a personal opinion - on this?

I won’t give up on this: it’s quite relevant for us :ram:

Thank you!

I too add my voice that some sort of public roadmap is very much needed. Even if it’s tentative and just a high-level overview of what’s coming next, no hard due dates.

I’ll tag @BenLee, @mallika, and @Krunal_Sheth as three Codans who seem to be most in touch with the community, and also @shishir.


Shishir, Co-Founder of Coda shares some thoughts: @ 18:25 to 19:55 to 22:10

More Context

:point_up_2: (2020-01-13) @ 39:30 to ~41:00

Even More Context (click to expand)