Coda Release Notes

Hi all,
Is there any Release Note (the typical “fixes, new features, improvements”) to have a deeper look than public announcements.

Some time ago a post ( was referring to the public roadmap of Coda: any similar initiative followed?

Thank you!

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@Federico_Stefanato - have you checked out -

Not the same as a roadmap but this is a place where the updates are aggregated.

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Hi @mallika,
many thanks for the suggestion!
Undoubtedly useful, however I still miss the two main information:

  • A more granular overview about the current release (the actual Release Notes)
  • What are the next steps (the Roadmap).

Just a question: is it something you foresee would be publicly available or it is specifically hidden to the public?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @mallika,

I’m looking for this also. A roadmap would be incredibly useful for making decisions about short-term workarounds versus more robust solutions to problems. I’d love to see a public roadmap.



Exactly! I think it will give the users clarity and confidence.


Hi @Codans, any news/thoughts on this?

I’d really appreciate your insight.

Thanks a lot!

+1 for me as well
knowing what is coming might help to decide to switch to coda
And of course we understand if dates slip or things change (that is reality)