Why would you NOT try to manage all a Tech Start-Up's stuff in Coda?

It is a pleasure to read such enthusiastic and expert dissertations.

I rarely let myself involved in these discussions; mainly because I’m lazy, but also because I lack of my native language strengths (so, please forgive me for quirky sentences).
However, several of this - sill little - community members possess lots of interesting qualities (technical and intellectual) and this time I fight against my laziness.
Plus, Coda itself represent one of the reasons of my own enthusiasm, as well.

Said that, I tend to agree with @Bill_French.
I think that many of us have already experienced several “ultimate” revolutions in the last 25/30 years in the technology context (and not only).
There is a constant hype for the last killer app/pattern/suite/solution/platform/language/architecture/approach… feeding the deep emotional need of innovators: novelty.

Fact is that this is what we are: innovators
It’s not good nor bad, per se. It’s a feature like others.
We tend to reduce the actual adoption time by looking at the potential and believing in it long before it is happened (if it ever happens, eventually).

Fact is - also - that we don’t even know what is on Coda’s executives’ vision.
I gave up bothering asking for this (Coda Release Notes, Public Roadmap) in order to set up my expectations.
@shishir’s webinar has been extremely interesting, but still we have feedbacks like “It’s on our radar”, “it might be not too late”, … without an organic vision, a path or even a statement.

So far, Coda is a multi-purpose tool extremely flexible to cope with a lot of situations.
It’s incredibly well designed (from a technical perspective) and really sexy to use.
Being multi-purpose, it attracts a lot of interests because it covers a wide range of use-cases but - by definition - it lacks of some specific deep solutions (well explained throughout this post).

I think that integration is nowadays the key to move forward at the right speed and Coda is, in my opinion, one of the most representative tools as such.
If it keeps on integrating/connecting with other tools/solutions - current or future - I think I’ll keep my foot on it; time will speak for us and let’s see what will happen.

I extensively used Airtable for a couple of years. Now I’m letting it go because it’s still stuck in the promises and nobody knows where is going to be (and there is no shared roadmap).
Hopefully this is a different story: let’s do our part. :wink: