Product and Project Management in Coda - looking for input

Hey Coda community!

We at Coda are looking for input on using Coda for product and project management. It’s one of our mainstream use-cases and something we use Coda for internally a lot, but we’d like to get a deeper understanding so we can really make the scenario shine.

To get more insight into the scenario, I’d love to hear from you if either

  • You use Coda for this scenario, and are willing to share your doc
  • You have thoughts on what the pain-points are in using Coda for this, or ideas on improvements we could make to make it better

I’d also love to know if you’ve used any of our templates on the subject or implemented your own similar flows in Coda or elsewhere. For example Uber’s App Redesign Doc, or The Mini Product Launch Hub.

Feel free to post docs or thoughts directly to this thread, or to reach out personally to set up a live half-hour chat!