Where are the PMs who use Coda?

Hey Hey Hey! This is Month 4 for me utilizing Coda!

I’m excited about what I’m learning on a day to day basis.

So far, I’ve created some cool docs for internal use.

I have about 15 years of experience in project and program management. I have used alot of technology.

I was trained and have utilized MS Project in the past. ClickUp has been my go-to for certain aspects of Project Management.

When I started consulting, I realized there were other tools out there and I started doing a deep dive of some of these tools.

Alot of PMs and other small biz owners ask me questions on PM tools etc, I ask them tons of questions about their work structure, processes, project management style, etc.

I say all of this to say: I am happy to recommend tools that fit the right biz owner and circumstance. I am someone who values innovation in the Project Management space and understand that our role as leaders means that we have to create an environment where our team can be empowered to get the work done (without feeling burdensome).

I hope this makes sense.

I appreciate what Coda is bringing to the table. I am newbie and have LOTS to learn.

REQUEST #1 - I’d love to connect with other PMs who use Coda to manage projects. I have tons of questions. If you don’t mind, can you drop your IG, Linkedin, or Twitter!

REQUEST #2 - Can someone point me to some really good PM docs?

NOTE: I will be doing a full month livestream either in August or September on Project Management & Coda.

NOTE: I am creating my first PM Playbook Guide using Coda next month.


Hey Ashley! Welcome and thank you for loving Coda! Have you checked out our gallery for PM docs? Could be really useful as you continue making!

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Hey Ashley! I’d recommend checking out these two resources:

  1. Lenny’s recent PM newsletter where he interviewed our Head of Product (Lane) for product insights (and there are tons of templates linked throughout)
    How Coda builds product - by Lenny Rachitsky

  2. Shishir’s recent talk at Config 2023 about rituals of product teams
    Video: Rituals of modern product teams | Config 2023
    Associated doc: Figma Config Talk: Rituals of Modern Product Teams (this is also brimming with product-focused templates!)

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Hi Ashley! My name is Myles and I’m the Marketing Project Manager here at Coda. I use Coda for ALL my day-to-day uses from project tracking, capacity planning/resource management, milestone management, etc.

Here’s a video on how I use Coda to run on Coda: Creative team project management hub template | Coda on Coda - YouTube
Here’s the template I walked through: All-in-one project management system for design teams

Would be happy to connect on Project Management and learn more about your PM Playbook Guide. Feel free to reach out to my email at myles@coda.io and we can connect on all things Project Management!


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