My doc for PMs hit the front page of Product Hunt and I could use your help!

Hi all! I created because, as a new Product Manager, I spent many hours scouring the web for the best PM resources. Luckily, I found a bunch of helpful stuff! But it took a lot of digging to find it. It would have been such a life saver to have a central hub for Product Management resources, categorized by things that matter to PMs - like Career Advice, Decision Making, and Great PM Podcasts. And it would be even better if the best resources showed up at the top!

So I built it with a Coda doc. I kickstarted the directory with over 300 resources and categorized them into over 40 categories and sub-categories to make things super easy to find.

I was able to set up the doc in a matter of hours since it’s mainly just one table with sections and views to see the different categories and sub-categories. The hard part was curating resources, which I did by setting up a Zap that made it so that I could save a resource to Pocket and have it directly funnel into the doc.

I used the new publishing feature to publish the doc as an interactive web page, and bought the domain to forward to the doc URL. Then I posted it to Product Hunt. Surprisingly, it made it to the front page and has over 200 votes! The doc has gotten over 4K views just today!

So that brings me to an ask. With just a few more votes the doc will get into the top 5, which means it will be featured in Product Hunts email. I’d really appreciate it if the community can help push it over the edge! Use this link to add an upvote:

Happy to chat more about how I built and marketed the doc. I’ll actually be joining @maria to share more about it in a crowdcast next week. Sign up for that here:

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