A Public Roadmap

Hey everyone!

Nothing makes me happier than talking roadmap with our enthusiastic users :smiley:. Just did a fun meetup in NY with a few of you and got great reactions and feedback to some of our upcoming demos.

We’ve heard your feedback on a more public roadmap and are discussing a few patterns for how and when to do it. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I thought I could share a few thoughts here.

As you know, we have a lofty vision that people can build docs as powerful as apps. As we’re in our Beta stage, we’re very interested in listening and hearing what you think is most important - we watch this forum in particular quite carefully.

To answer your question, we are currently working on a mix of large shape-shifting features as well as a long list of the fixes and refinements that seem small individually but large in aggregate. On the larger side, we’re actively working on two primary features. You may have heard about a concept we call cross-doc, where docs can connect to other docs. We’ve also heard a ton of feedback about getting data in and out of Coda so we’re working on an API to get data in and out of Coda (some of you are probably beta-testing it right now). These are large initiatives, and we’re taking the time to get them right.

We’re also knocking out some of the smaller but impactful user-requested features. Last month we focused on launching the new gallery and rounding out tables with “minimalist” controls, wrapping text in column headers, selective sharing, and a bunch of international fixes. For this month: we heard you wanted a better writing experience so you’ll notice a new H3 format in the toolbar with indent, spellcheck, and markdown following close behind. All the while, we’re continually sanding down cornersーpolishing our interfaces and squashing bugs.

In terms of the next-up ideas, we’ve built out some (pretty awesome) designs for our upcoming mobile work, thinking about forms and buttons, and also where to take API and cross-doc next. We’d love to hear your ideas on other ways to make docs as powerful as apps.