Is Coda Feature Release doc done with Cross-Doc?

Hey guys,

I really appreciate this doc as a way to track the features that come out:

In fact, I think you are getting into some functionality of tools such as Aha!, ProductBoard, ProdPad and others that let you publish your public roadmap as a key feature.

I have been warming up to Cross-Doc and the potential of creating an all-in-one solution using it, especially as you guys clearly intend to build it close to have a true 2-way sync and allow for intra-doc activity to be as seamless as in-doc activity is now.

This Doc seemed like a great example of something you could build with Cross-Doc in Coda. Teams work to release these features within their own Team Docs - with all the substance behind a true feature build - and then, simply push the info out on a public page via Cross-Doc - without the need to create this public-facing doc from scratch! So I wanted to ask - is this a live example of something you can do with Cross-Doc?

Thanks guys!

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