Published API Roadmap?

Is there a published roadmap for the API? For what it does I’ve found it impressive, but I’d like to know that there is a development effort to expand the API to include more features.

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Hi @David_Kulp :blush: : Simple answer : No (as far as I know) :blush: . There’s never been any published roadmap for anything :blush: . (There’s only a Coda Product Updates and I found a published Coda API Updates Doc).
But yes, the API is supposed to be “improved” (I can’t tell if there might be new features to be added or just improvements or even both though) and evolve as all things do in Coda :blush: .

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Hi @David_Kulp !

Andrew from the Product Marketing Team at Coda here.

We absolutely have plans to expand and improve the API, but don’t yet have something we could commit to a public roadmap. We’re actually looking into how we might staff an engineering team 100% to the API longer term, and we’re continuing to optimize doc storage so that you can use our existing API to have more impactful calls.

We’re planning some updates for how you can connect your Coda docs to more integrations thru the end of the year as well; please stay tuned for updates when they’re available in the News from Coda section of our Community (likely coming end of summer/early fall).

In the meantime, if you have feedback on where you’d like us to invest time and attention, please don’t hesitate to let us know!