Table and column (schema) creation and modification via API?

Hi, I know the API is relatively new (I’m returning to Coda after a year or two and I haven’t stumbled across an announcement, so I don’t know how new) so it’s not at all surprising that you’d start with reading table schema and CRUD on rows. I just want to inquire: are you planing to add support for CRUD of tables and columns at some point?



Dear @Avi welcome to the community :handshake:

Pinging our Codan @oleg, I assume he will be the right person to help you out.

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Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets!

I just realized that I have more or less the same question about exposing activity/history logs via the API… so perhaps my question should be expanded to something like: have you, or would you consider, sharing some kind of artifact listing the enhancements to plan to make, or are considering making, to the API over time? (A roadmap would be such an artifact, but personally I’d be satisfied with something much less specific than a roadmap, which tends to specify the order of things and often target time frames as well.)

(Even something as fuzzy as a discussion category for API feature requests, with each topic being a feature and most of them having been weighed in on by the team with some indication as to their thinking about the feature, would be appreciated.)

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Hi Avi, thanks for asking here about our API roadmap! Currently as you’ve observed, our API provides CRUD access to table data (and pushing buttons) with some limited read support for table schemas and sections. This has met the requirements of most of our users, though we understand that there is much more functionality we can enable with the API, such as commenting and schema editing functionality.

We are indeed maintaining an internal, prioritized list of feature requests for the API, but at the moment have limited resources to make progress on it. We definitely welcome input from the community to help us prioritize API changes against other features we’re cooking up (especially if you can provide details on how any new endpoint(s) would be useful to you), so if there is enough demand for a certain feature we can look into supporting it. But beyond that, we don’t have any specific roadmap to share at this time.


Hi, I’m interested as well in this feature.

Makes sense — thanks Oleg!

Hey I think table creation via API would be super helpful for creating tables dynamically that store metadata and data entities.

A great use case for our teams would be to enable users to easily add query outputs to their docs without having to create a skeleton table first.

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