A "Shrink Image to Fit" option that preserves an image's aspect ratio without cropping or stretching?

I’m trying to make multiple Coda documents with lots of images and icons.

However, the results look quite bad, as can be seen in this card display here:

If the images aren’t a perfect 1:1 square ratio, it results in ugly cropping. In particular the Elements, X300, and MG08 cards.

This behavior also affects the table display itself, where if a pixel limit is set, the images get unattractively contorted or cropped, as seen here:

In Column A, the image gets stretched to fit. In Column B, the right edge of the image gets cropped.

I would like to propose a drop-down that lets us choose how images are handled when their aspect ratio does not match the specified pixel limits.

Windows already has great terminology for this:

From the above options, what I’m hoping for in my particular use-case is the Fit option, as I’ve simulated below:

But I can definitely see the value of including multiple of the above options (in particular Fill and Stretch) so that ALL users can decide how they’d want their images to be displayed.