Accessing Row Modification History


I am looking to create a column that would expose the last modified column within a table. I know this information exists within the expanded activity on a row, however, I’m looking for quick access to the data in the table. I have attempted to use thisRow.Modified() but this only gives the datetime stamp of the modification, not the actual column.

Furthermore, some of the data in my table is come from a cross-doc. Has anyone created anything of this nature.

In current state, I have a workaround for the data that is added within the doc. I have created conditional formatting rules so that the column that was modified in the table will be highlighted indicating that is where the change occurred. I can’t seem to create a formula that would allow me to implement similar logic on the columns coming from the source (cross-doc).

If anyone has any ideas that would help please share!

In my below sample, the columns highlighted in yellow were added in the table therefore the conditional format could be applied. If the last update occurred on one of the other columns coming from the source doc the same logic could not be implemented.

Hey Jessica, thanks for posting your question to the community! It looks like the only way to achieve this is to create a separate column for each column that you’d like to track and set it with the Modified() formula. E.g. Event Name - Last Updated, Lead Org - Last Updated.

I was initially thinking we could set up a row-change based automation to track changes and add them to a helper table, but there isn’t a way to formulaically reference the column name that triggered the automation.

If we were to summarize this all as a feature request, would you say the gist is to be able to formulaically reference the row activity log? I attached a screenshot to help visualize what I’m referring to here:

Hi Renita,

Yes, I think that summary explains what we are looking to capture.

Thanks for providing the potential work around as well.

No worries at all. Let me know if you have any other questions on this! I’ll go ahead and move this to the Suggestion Box in the meantime.

FR: Make row activity formulaically accessible.

I think my problem resembles this one. I have a table that is composed of rows that filter another table (an imported table from Asana). Only ‘Fake Type’ column is a text column native to this table.

The other columns are filter formulas.

My ‘Last modified’ does not take into account the changes in the formulaic columns when they occur in the row.

I’m just seeing logs for when I created the table and ‘Fake Type’

Is it possible to get a datetime stamp for values coming from a filtered formula and how ?
Thank you in advance !

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